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It’s not a normal Thanksgiving and that is why we are making fun of a beloved classic that is kind of awful. We tackle A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and we try to answer some of the burning questions of the day. Where are these kids’ parents? Snoopy’s poor diet and is Peppermint Patty’s first name Peppermint or is it a nickname. Join us to ridicule this crapfest.

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Striking A Chord is back with a brand new episode. Tonight, a debate over the state of music and who should be the target audience. Is the music from when we were younger better than the music today? Listen to Manda And Richard deep dive into this subject. Also, new music, the new ticketmaster policy, the masked singer, and more.

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November 17, 2020

The Buzz 11/17/20

The Buzz breaks down what happened during the 2020 Presidential election. We look at Biden’s victory in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as well as the way Trump is handling defeat. The republicans seem to be torn over how to handle Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election. Could this lead to a split in the party? Biden’s victory speech, Lindsey Graham screws up, and a discussion over police reform.

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The most random show on the net is back for another episode living in a corona world and we are just corona girls. On this episode, Richard and Ashlee make fun of the former mayor of New York City, we look at our next tournament (The Ultimate Movie Musical Tournament) and we reveal the match ups. We take a look at some of the biggest nerd stories of the week. Plus, Richard tries to figure out why no one invited him to parties and why the lesson is learned through a line from High School Musical. All that and more on this episode of Live.

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November 13, 2020

Borderline Problematic #29

Episode 29 of the Borderline Problematic Podcast has arrived to make your day and weekend just a little brighter. On this episode, if you have ever thought about choking yourself, this is the perfect episode of the day. What happened when Brynne gets stood up by facebook messenger. And Jenni fires back with a response that you must hear to believe. And a convo about the topic of DRUGS. And what shows are good and what have finally jumped the shark. Brynne discusses a milestone in her life as someone revs their engine in the background. And this episode gets deep. Listen to two friends have a powerful discussion.

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November 6, 2020

Borderline Problematic #28

Borderline Problematic is back after a week off due some technical issues. Jenni gets angry and bakes. And this time on the dessert menu, Cheesecake and a French movie. Accents? What is the best and worst one? Is it southern or possibly the upper Midwest? What about flesh toned yoga pants and why it is a hard no. Dogs are better than humans and find out why.

NEW POLL QUESTION!!!!! Are genital photos classy?

Brynne goes on a date with someone. Find out about her short comings. And more!!!!

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Country artist Ryan Kinder joins Manda for a very special and fun episode of Striking A Chord. Ryan discusses new music, musical influences, how he is dealing with Coronavirus as an artist. And we even discuss what the star is streaming musically and entertainment wise. A very fun interview in which we hope you can take your mind off of things even for a few minutes.

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It’s Halloween and that can only mean one thing. CineCrap is going to blast one of the all time “classics” of the season and this year, it is “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” You’ll laugh, you will cry, you will ask your self if these kids are related to Calliou. Fire up the special on Apple TV and enjoy a riff of epic proportions that might leave you offended.

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October 29, 2020

The Buzz 10/29/20

We are just a few days away from the 2020 election and we break down what we think is going to happen on that evening. Amy Coney Barrett becomes a supreme court justice and why her fast track to the bench could be the biggest mistake republicans have made in year. Plus, we try to look at the Qanon and Hunter Biden and why it’s complete bullshit. All that and more on this episode of THE BUZZ.

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The most random show on the net is back for a somewhat Halloween episode. Normally, we do Spooktaculars which cause chaos but instead our resident killer decent to practice social distancing rules so, chaos will have to wait. Tonight, we discuss which horror character you would want to die from their hands, overrated horror movie tropes, Would you Rather. Plus, we discuss why DARE and Just Say No was a waste of time in school and The Great British Baking Show. All this and more in a very tame but on brand for 2020 episode of Live.

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